CharamMangal is a movement which was initiated with the inspiration of Aatmagyani Pujya Shri Viraatguruji. Through CharamMangal we intend to give a scientific, rational and practical application of Jain Scriptures in our day to day life.

Once we understand the scriptures at macro level, we will realize that its relevance is not restricted to a specific area of our life, instead a holistic understanding of them brings a new insight in every areas of our lives. The depth of each verse is explained with a modern approach which is easier to comprehend and execute by all age groups.

‘When a genuine question arises, the solution appears by itself’ this is the method of work we follow. We make people question the validity of the concepts, rituals, customs, habits and conditioning’s on the basis of which they have been living till date.

Questioning gives rise to true curiosity and once the science, rationale and reason about the scriptures are explained in simple language, they are readily accepted by all including the youth who doubt the religious customs and traditions, thus leaving them fully satisfied.

CharamMangal is bringing this reformation by conducting discourses, workshops, seminars and; Connecting thousands of people through social media under guidance of Pujya Guruvarya Sadhvi Vaibhav Shri Ji ‘Aatma’. She is well versed with all Agams, vedic scriptures and western philosophy. She is working incessantly for bringing reformation in the style of imparting in-depth knowledge which can culminate into right perception.

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