Every person is developed and complete unto himself. The issue is not ‘not having’; in fact not realizing and managing what we ‘have’. Learning the Art of Rest and effortlessly floating through life is the right and privilege of every individual. We do not aim anything through our workshops, we simply assist in accelerating individual’s journey effortlessly, which they have decided for themselves through our various innovative techniques, exercises, concepts and above all the sutras rendered by pujya Viraat Gurudev.

Lets have a look at different subjects of the workshops, which are numerous in number, customized as per the needs of the people. To name a few…



In this workshop we go through different processes which assists in synchronization of our three faculties – mind, body and speech in one flow, which helps us in managing our present which in turn manages our whole life. We aim at focusing on every person individually trying to find and assist them in removing their impediments which are stopping them to be what they are meant to be by getting into deeper recesses of their minds.




In this interaction we try to focus on only one question, Who is actually in the relationship? Is it you? The other person? Or both? And why it is one of the most coveted and complained about aspect of most individuals.




In this workshop we aim at only one thing, ‘SMILES’, and helping people restore it, who have bartered this beautiful ability in pursuit of all the bigger things in life which in turn have made them angry and stressful.




In this interaction our focus is students. Learning about the problems faced by them in studies, we assist them in improving their memory, understanding about the subject, etc and also give them techniques which shall bring change in their approach towards examinations and career.




To be in meditation is the fruit of this workshop. During this we prepare ourselves by cleaning our past memories and thoughts, eradicating impressions on our subconscious minds.




Speech plays an important role in our lives. Mantras recited with proper phonetics create a magical impression on our chakras and energy levels.