Born to prosperous and religious Jain family of Pali, when Shri Vinay ji met Pujya Viraat Guruji, his thirst for knowledge and inner peace was quenched. Besides handling different businesses and completing his responsibilities entailed with a grahastha life, he pursuits his inner journey. During the years under the divine guidance of Guruji and Sadhvi CharamShri Ji M.S. he did many spiritual practices which kindled his inner light and rendered him with never ending peace and love.

With Guruji’s blessings he did indepth study of Astrology, Vastu and Numerology which is now his forte. On pursuing the astrological charts of people, he not only solves their worldly problems, provides solutions for their physical and mental struggles, but also guides them on the path of spiritual development.

Through his articles which are circulated in the Charammangal Whatsapp groups under the head ‘Viraat Vichar’ he educates people on the subjects of Astrology, Vastu, Numerology, Swar Vigyan, sun signs, moon signs and various other life style issues like business, marriage, balancing spiritual and worldly lives,etc.


Sh. Jhumar Bhansali      Sh. Naveen Bhansali         Sh. Ugam Gandhi






As an expression of gratitude towards Viraat Guruji, The trio from Pali (Raj.) has undertaken the responsibility alongwith other Guru Bhakts in giving shape to Virat Shanti Nilay, a divine abode where people can come and pursue their inner journey under the divine presence of Shanti Surishwar ji Gurudev and Viraat Guruji with the practical guidance of Sadhvi Vaibhav Shri Ji M.S.


Sh. Hitesh Karnavat (Pali)






He was the one who took initiative towards starting whatsapp charammangal groups with an intention that all the people connected to Guruji’s knowledge should have a common platform where they can share their thoughts, put forward their queries and resolve their daily issues. A positive thought has now become a revolution with more than 30,000 people directly connected through these groups.


Sh. Rupesh Balai (Pali)

Responsible for Managing and circulating the printed literature of Pujya Virat Guruji and Sadhvi Vaibhav Shri Ji M.S., he is the pillar of Jai Gurudev Sahitya, the publication house of Charammangal group.


Sh. Sanjay Viraat & Sh. Ajay Viraat (Jodhpur)






Sons of Shri Viraat Guruji


Ms.Tanvangi (Jodhpur)

A dedicated Gurubhakt, she takes the responsibility for circulating  the Charammangal Magazine India wide every month. Also updates all the social media networks for Charammangal.


Sh. Pawan Bordia






A person who transformed himself after connecting with charammangal and is sharing this experience via all means. He is dedicated to each and every project of Charammangal.


Sh. Sandeep Jain

A truly devout Sandeep Bhai is an integral part of Charammangal family.


Sh. Jayantilal Bagrecha (Ichalkaranji)

A dedicated Gurubhakt Jayani Bhai is one of the dedicated personality behind the creation of Virat Shanti Nilay.


Ms. Shweta Balgat






The managing mind and the working energy behind Charammangal Matrimony.


Ms. Rashmi Gandhi (Ahmednagar)

Quenching her thirst of knowledge, she along with her family is dedicated for spreading the ‘Charammangal’ in all forms to one and all.

With the blessings of Shri Viraat Guruji and after embracing his teachings/ideologies many blessed souls experienced an ultimate transformation in their lives. This transformation inspired them to dedicate themselves to spread his teachings. The only vision of these gurubhakts is to be a live medium to witness transformations in whomsoever life, which they themselves have gone through. With the help of dedicated human power, technology, social media and other resources, the Charammangal Family has brought LIFE to this vision.