Sadhika Dr. Pragbha Viraat, renounced under the esteemed guidance of revered Guruvarya Vaibhavshriji “Aatma” on 12th October 2016 at Mewar Bhawan, Vashi (New Mumbai). Further, the vows of this diksha were recited with the blessings and presence of Shraman Sanghiya Salahkar Rajarshi Shri Sumati Prakashji M.S. and Vachnacharya Dr. Vishal Muniji M.S. in Chennai on 16th Oct. 2016.

She is an experienced behavioural psychologist and talented motivational speaker. She delivers lectures on Jain Scriptures through scientific, rational and practical approach making it easier to comprehend and very simple to execute by any age group. She uses advanced techniques like NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), etc. to engage the audience and lead them to implement the learning, resulting into a positive and ever-lasting change in their lives.

She wants to bestow the society all the knowledge that she received from her beloved Gurus to benefit mankind. Her vision is to focus on children and youth, as she believes, that changes inculcated at young age becomes foundation of their lives and this in turn will go a long way in building magnificent future generations.

She possesses an amazing ability to change mindsets through powerful delivery of innovative content to her audiences which results in their excellent decision-making process and high morale. She is widely acclaimed for speaking about emotional intelligence, persuasion-skills and confidence building.

She is an eloquent speaker and very good at presenting the small sutras of life via various activities such as theatre, games, dance modes, etc., which are deeply imbibed by the youngsters and children to enhance their personality. She teaches them how to deal with fears, frustrations, aggressions, complexes, repercussions and inner conflicts with an affirmative state of being. She has a command over providing answers to all religious and social curiosities imparting the true philosophy to deal with their day to day life problems.

She conducts Workshops on Personality Management, Relationship Management, and Teachers Training. She specializes in writing and directing plays which induces deep philosophical understanding of concepts of Jainism, in a light-hearted manner.

She is actively involved in print and electronic media. She is the editor of various religious books published by Jai Gurudev Sahitya, Jodhpur and other publications of religious and spiritual books and magazine. She has been the editor of Charam Mangal monthly magazine since 2009.

Editor of CHARAMMANGAL Magazine since 2009 Sadhika Dr. Pragbha Viraat is an experienced behavioral psychologist and talented motivational speaker. Her enriched experience in theatre is reflected in her wisdom. Her belief about living each moment in totality is embraced by all. She blends her teachings according to the type of audience which engraves in the hearts of seeker. She conducts workshops  on how to deal with fears, frustration, aggressions, inner-conflicts, work – life balance; Teachers training, relationship management, parenting, and personality management. Through her signature program ‘Transformation’ she makes one realize his true potential which translates in-to permanent change.

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