Vidhusi’, the learned. Youngest in the group she might be but her brilliance surpasses all ages. She could recite 14 Jain Aagams word for word even before she reached her adolescence. Her spiritual inclination at such a young age is an inspiration to one and all. Being inspired by her elder sister Pujya Vaibhav Shri Ji ‘Aatma’ she renounced the worldly life at the delicate age of fourteen. When other children are beginning to know life, she took a courageous leap into an unknown un-trodden path of Sannyas.

Otherwise silent and generally with a book, her melodious soft clear voice resolves all the curiosities and questions of the seekers. Her childlike presence wins everyone’s heart, especially of children and youngsters, whose questions are answered with utmost care and wisdom. She has a crystal clear perception about life. She inholds an extremely rare quality of seeing people, things and situations beyond her preferences. She has mastery over Jain and Buddha Philosophy apart from other world philosophies.

Brilliance, talent and innocence are encapsulated in this dynamic personality. Virat Guruji’s most beloved shishya, she reflects his philosophy through her voice, her writings and in her managed conduct.

She is known to be ‘Vidhusi’ – The Learned. She wins the heart of everyone through wisdom which flows out her soft voice and the way she perceives and graciously lives her life. She beholds the art of seeing things neutrally. In addition to world philosophies she has mastered the philosophy of Jainism and Buddhism.