“Silence is the language of God, else all is poor” (translation-Rumi) is experienced by anyone who spends time with our ‘Mauni Mata’, who is observing silence for past 16 years, since her initiation to this saintly life at the age of 21. Without saying a word, she says it all. Her love-filled eyes, charismatic smile and her considerate attitude mesmerizes anyone and everyone who meets her. Her glance and/or touch resolves the problems of her Bhakts and her silence provides us with apt solutions. Though communication through words is not there but communion of souls is felt in her presence.

Under guidance of Virat Guruji she has delved deep into meditation while observing severe penance which has opened her innerself to universal love and unhindered peace. ‘Charam’ (the utmost) bliss is well reflected in her personality.

A silent caretaker of Charammangal family, she gives spiritual guidance and gently guides through meditations, guru bhakti and other ‘Sadhanas’.

If one wants the experience of ‘Silence’ then ‘Mauni Mata’ is the energy that one needs to be with. She continues to remain silent since her renunciation at the age of 21. Gratitude flows from her love filled eyes and charismatic smile. Under Viraat Guruji’s guidance she delved in to intense mediation which opened herself to divine love and unhindered peace. She provides spiritual guidance through mediation, guru bhakti and various other sadhana’s.