Prabhavak Sangh

GuruKripa has been a thrust in the life of many. Charammangal Family comprises of these gurubhakts tied with a divine bonding of love and blessings which has thoroughly transformed their lives.

Spread across the globe, these people in one or the other way are spreading the guruVaani embellished with their own experiences and above all in their own unique individual ways.

Here naming a few among thousands we introduce you to some faces of CHARAMMANGAL PRABHAVAK SANGH statewise.


With the blessings of Shri Viraat Guruji and after embracing his teachings/ideologies many blessed souls experienced an ultimate transformation in their lives. This transformation inspired them to dedicate themselves to spread his teachings. The only vision of these gurubhakts is to be a live medium to witness transformations in whosoever’s life, which they themselves have gone through.

With the help of dedicated human power, technology, social media and other resources, the Charammangal Family has brought LIFE to this vision.