Sh. Pramod Kr. Jain             Ms. Neelam Jain






This gurubhakt couple has dedicated their lives in giving structure to the words of their beloved Guru. Sh.Pramod Kr. Jain is the secretary of Charammangal Gyan seva samiti, Delhi.


Sh.Padam Patwa






Heading the Charammangal Gyan seva samiti ,Delhi, he is all set to introduce practical methods to connect youth & children.


Ms. Shachi Jain (Meerut)






Dedicated Gurubhakt , She alongwith Shweta Balgat manages the Charammangal Matrimony.


Sh. SaritKumar Jain (Meerut)

Sh. Arvind Jain (Mujjaffarnagar)







Sh. Kimtilal Jain (Mujjaffarnagar)





Ms. Laadbai ji Lodha (Kanpur)

Ms. Leela Jain (Kanpur)

Defying age barriers, these two energetic ladies have shed the rotten traditional thought pattern of following just the rituals; instead now they have imbibed the essence of all the rituals and are the torch bearers of the same.


Sh. Padam Jain          Sh. Poonam Jain (Amritsar)






This dedicated couple from Amritsar along with their son Prabhat , daughter-in-law Ishita are all determined to inseminate Charammangal in the minds of people. Gurubhakt Poonamji spreads knowledge and bhakti through her bhajans.


Sh. Surendrakumar Jain (Kurukshetra)

A true follower , he has inspired a great number of sadhu-sadhvis, irrelevant of the sect they belong to; to read-know-experience and spread the true essence of Jainism through Viraat Guruji’s books & Vaibhavshreeji’s audios, videos and books.

With the blessings of Shri Viraat Guruji and after embracing his teachings/ideologies many blessed souls experienced an ultimate transformation in their lives. This transformation inspired them to dedicate themselves to spread his teachings. The only vision of these gurubhakts is to be a live medium to witness transformations in whomsoever life, which they themselves have gone through.

With the help of dedicated human power, technology, social media and other resources, the Charammangal Family has brought LIFE to this vision.