I always wanted a GURU who apart from the regular preachings and reading out shastra-sutras can satisfy my curiosities with a clear understanding through scientific and logical means. VAIBHAV SHRI JI is playing a very important role in my life from the past 6 months.

I want to express my deep gratitude towards her as I am learning as well as changing myself with her clear and indepth knowledge which I can easily digest and it satisfies my curiosity hunger for right truth, right knowledge and right understanding.

Its only the RIGHT GURU who can give all this and I feel I am very fortunate in this case.

Please accept my gratitude.

Jignesh Ahemadabad

It’s a very perfect motivational group

Perfect solution for questions in our minds

We need such type of motivation in our stressful life and we can also read our self through this group

Preeti gandhi, kolar

Jai ho sahebji..

Feel so great& blessed to be a part of this group.. I read every single text msg & hear all the audio clippings. Have become a huge fan of all of you. Wat an practical knowledge you share with us shabji, . Thanxxxx a.” Ton ” For ur sharing’s,, In sari tips ko agar hum follow karle, tho hum automatically khudse connect hojayenge, apni aatma ke shakshi roop ko jaan payenge.. Is ” Universe” Se connect ho jayenge.. Karm aur grah, kuch nhi, karta aur dharta hum hi hai apne khud ke.. Waiting to see you soon shahebji..

Jai ho sahebji,.

Mai tho apki huge fan hogayi hu, apke pravchan, speech,apke sabdh aatma ko chute hai, got adicted to you shahebji.. Jo ki bahot hi pyara wala adiction hai.. aur jo vinay viraat sirji ka practical knowledge hai, wat an ultra combination of ur aatma gyan, & sirji practicality on life.. Bas in sab ko agar hum follow kar le tho zindgi mai sayad problems hi nhi rahegi..

muje bahot baar feel hota hai sahebji apka aur mera kuch deep connection hai.. Feel sooooo greatful to have you as my “GURU” jus waiting to see you soon..

Apki shishya…

krishna ( pinky mera pet name hai)