Dr. Anil Karnavat (Raipur)

A progressive mind determined to change the prevailing rigid traditions in the field of religious practices, Dr. Anil Karnavat single handedly introduced CHARAMMANGAL not only to various cities of Chatttisgarh but also in the remote tribal areas. He focused schools, colleges alongwith the teachers and parents extensively.

With the blessings of Shri Viraat Guruji and after embracing his teachings/ideologies many blessed souls experienced an ultimate transformation in their lives. This transformation inspired them to dedicate themselves to spread his teachings. The only vision of these gurubhakts is to be a live medium to witness transformations in whomsoever life, which they themselves have gone through.

With the help of dedicated human power, technology, social media and other resources, the Charammangal Family has brought LIFE to this vision.