As often said “Like mother like daughter” can’t be truer than here. Proud mother of Pujya Sadhvi Vaibhav Shri Ji ‘Aatma’, Pujya Sadhvi Deshna Shri Ji and Shraman Sangh’s first Sadhika Pawniji, she is blessed enough to bear these gems, who have happily devoted their life for social upliftment. It was her vision, her dedication towards knowledge and her continuous inspiration and motivation to her daughters, which gave them courage to walk on this extreme path of salvation.

Being an inspiring personality herself, she renounced the world after fulfilling all her worldly responsibilities. She undertook diksha and accepted her own daughter Pujya Sadhvi Vaibhav Shri Ji as her Guru. ‘Niyag’ meaning special type of penance or austerity, true to her name as she observes rigorous penance with deep meditations for days at end on regular basis. Her innocent smile and motherly love oozing from her kind motherly touch heals all pains. She, being ‘The mother’ of Charammangal family, graces and enriches us with her blessings.

As the name speaks ‘Niyag’ – ‘special type of penance’, she is in constant state of meditation at all time. Being a courageous mother she always poured that feeling in her daughters which always guided and motivated them in their journey towards salvation. In-spite of being a mother she willingly accepted her daughter as Guru under whose guidance she undertook ‘diksha’. Healing flows from her innocent smile and motherly touch.