Charammangal has launched various CD’s on Bhajans, Morning Prayer and Jain Stotras like Bhaktamar. Listening to the Morning Prayer of Charammangal brings positivity and instils a feeling of gratitude in us which in turn brings abundance in every aspect of our life. Melodious music and divine words of Virat Guruji are encapsulated in these bhajans. Mere listening of these bhajans, translates their deep meanings into our subconscious mind which has the power to transform a person and help him to transcend into meditation easily. Listening to the CDs on Vastu Dosh Nivaran and Mahamritunjaya, works as a therapy, thus reducing the bad effects of Vastu dosh and improving one’s health.

The morning Shubh Prabhat audios and evening stories are a roar among all sects of people connected with Charammangal.