Born in a prosperous religious family of Jodhpur, she is second of her five sisters. Since her childhood, the highness of her soul was perceived by many eminent Sadhus, who blessed and foretold about her bright future. Enriching self with knowledge was her only inclination, which she received in abundance from various great personas. Her further intensified thirst to know self thy and the purpose of thy existence paved the way to renounce the worldly life and to undertake the holy robes of sainthood at the tender age of 20 under the blessed guidance of Pujya Acharya Shri Shubh Chandraji Maharaj on 22nd April, 1999. Inspired by her step her younger sister Sadhvi Deshna Shriji, her mother Sadhvi Niyag Shri ji, her elder sister Sadhika Pawniji and her cousin Sadhvi Shri Charam Shri ji got initiated on this path.

After taking diksha she undertook rigorous and in depth study of Jain Aagams, though the meanings she could already decipher but the in-depth secrets of scriptures were still a mystery to her. However, her unbiased calling for truth was heard and Viraat Guruji appeared in her life in 2002 on the glorious event of diksha of Sadhvi Charam Shri Ji.

It is often said just like a disciple waits for a master; the master waits for a potential disciple. On meeting Sadhvi Vaibhav Shri ji and others, Guruji knew he has found his disciples. He unfolded the hidden treasures of all the religious scriptures to her and resolved all her curiosities, doubts, questions and showed the divine light longed by every soul.

The philosophy as enunciated by Guruji is duly expounded by her in her revolutionary thought provoking discourses and in her writings,comprehensively. She is known for explaining the logics and science behind all religious philosophies and practices which we are often asked to follow without knowing the ‘Why’ of it.

Understanding the curiosities, fears and resistance of today’s youth she very well connects with them and lovingly teaches them the Religion Of Life and its practical implementation to improve their day to day life.
She is author of a number of books and is the chief writer in Charammangal magazine. Her motivational articles are regularly published in well known magazines like ‘Pratiyogita Darpan’ ‘Success Mirror’ (Upkar Publication Agra) and other magazines.

She is the core member of the Charammangal group, welcoming you to explore your dormant potentials, to grow as an individual and to realize the ultimate solace.

Sadhvi Vaibhavshrijji ‘Aatma’ believes in ‘enriching life with knowledge’. This thrust lead her towards in-depth study of Jain Aagams. She was one of the fortunate disciple for whom Master was awaiting. Spiritually transformed by Shree Viraat Guruji, the deeper secrets of scriptures started unfolding and her discourses ignited the knowledge on how to practically implement them in day to day life. She gracefully equips the unbiased listener with science, logic and essence of any religious philosophies. She is the beloved of youth as her guidance’s helps them explore their dormant potentials, righteous growth and realize the Ultimate Solace.